If you want to maintain your weight and shape, you need to take care of every aspect of your training program. Find a suitable, healthy way of eating and be cautious of the risk of injury at the gym and become aware of how you can prevent them from happening to you.


Most of the injuries are caused by a poor warm-up before your training session (or completely skipping that part). It’s important to overcome exhaustion and stress, to ground yourself and focus on the little steps you must take. Little steps like warming-up are mandatory, so don’t skip on it.


A pre-workout is all you need to do in order to reduce the risk of injury, muscle strains and a drop in energy levels. A warm-up will prepare your muscles and heart to be able to support you through the training that is about to come.



  • Set a Time for Your Workout


    You can reduce your workout to 30-40 minutes. Training intensively for a short amount of time sometimes gives better results than working out a lot. Do not over-train because you could risk an increase in your cortisol levels or even get injured. Track your every move and focus more during your exercises to get better results, and make your training program to fit your body needs.



  • Wear Gym Gear


    Working out at the gym means investing in workout gear and equipment. Wear cozy and appropriate clothing when you work out, but not too tight because they will slow down your mobility and will hinder your performance.


    Invest in athletic wear specifically designed for people who work out. That type of clothing and equipment is very helpful in your performance and pieces of equipment like compression gear can help with pain relief during and post workout, while workout gloves will prevent the forming of calluses and blisters in your palms.



  • Set Your Pre-Workout Meal Time


    A pre-workout meal is necessary for everyone who loves to workout intensely. It boosts your energy and gives you strength for the entire length of your intense training. The eating window before working out varies from person to person because of different digestive tendencies. It’s generally alright to eat an hour or so before a workout.



  • Stay Hydrated


    Water is important before, after and during every workout. Water is absorbed by the body within a matter of minutes. You should drink water regularly and not only before and during training.

    Doctors recommend 13 cups of water/day which is equivalent to 3 liters for men and 9 cups of water/day for women which is equivalent to 2.2 liters.



  • Warm Up and Stretch


    Sure, you’ve heard many times about the importance of warming up before starting the proper work- out. It is important to avoid injuries and to get better results during your session! Warming up will raise your body temperature and increase the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body.


    Stretching comes after the warm-up. It is better to stretch in between 10 and 15 minutes before. There is a big variety of stretch exercises for each body part. And remember to stretch after your workout as well. Regularly prepare for your routine by eating right, drinking plenty of water, warming up before training and stretching afterwards for maximized results!



  • Snack Before You Go


    Just like warm-ups are necessary, so are snacks. You should have a snack or pre-workout meal before you head out to the gym. Smart snacking will have a great impact on your body. However, smart snacking means whole-grain bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables not sweets, chips and fries. Basically, choose food that contains a high source of fiber.


    Here are some of the quickest and most nutritious snacks for your pre-workout meal:


    1. Yogurt Parfait


    The combo of 2% fat yogurt or Greek yogurt, granola and some berries will light up your day. It is very delicious, nutritious and very easy to prepare. You can even make it a day before and live it in the fridge overnight.


    1. Orange Smoothie


    The simple orange smoothie is the quickest to make and you can also add a scoop of protein powder in it. You can also add a bunch of berries, apple slices and other spices to it (ginger, cinnamon, etc).


    1. Almond Coconut Mocha Smoothie


    You need almond milk, coconut water or coconut extract, cold coffee, protein powder, cocoa powder and ice cubes. Just throw them in your blender and you're ready to go. This is a great coffee alternative, especially in summer, that will ensure a boost of energy for the workout to come!


    1. Oatmeals


    Oatmeals are a classic. Besides the fact that oats are very nutritious, they are delicious too. They are very versatile; cooked and then topped with a handful of berries and banana slices, they’re guaranteed to be tasty and healthy too.


    1. Mocha Protein Shakes


    We all know that protein shakes are crazy yummy but when we hear that there is a small portion of coffee involved too, we are definitely in. Coffee and chocolate protein is a guaranteed delicious combo, but you can mix and match based on your own taste. All you need is cold coffee, milk of your preference and your favorite protein powder.


    Preparing for a workout is not so much a preparation, as it is an overall lifestyle. Just make sure that before every session you drink plenty of water, have a small and healthy snack, and definitely warm-up right before you go into your workout. Don’t forget to stretch afterwards as well!


    Get proper gear for your training and don’t dress to stress your body. Dress so that your body will thank you afterwards for how kindly you treat it. In order to make sure you don’t over-train, set the time you will dedicate to your training before the fact. That way you’ll ensure your 30-40 minutes of exercise and prevent over-training.


    Follow these tips and you’ll notice how great you will feel during and after your training session. They key for a great post-workout is a great pre-workout! Above all, make these a healthy habit and enjoy the time you spend eating your healthy snacks and warming-up before workout!

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