The rehabilitating benefits of the Mava Knee Brace


Knee injuries are a major common problem in the fitness world. Damaged ACLs and torn cartilage can put a stop to your fitness activities and proper daily function for long periods of time, especially if poorly handled. But athletes are not the only ones prone to knee injuries. Anyone has the potential to twist, sprain or seriously injure their knees.

Whether it's from playing sports, gardening, or walking down the street, a wrong move or a misstep can tear the tendons and cartilage in your knees. But don't worry! Medicine has advanced to the point that we can now treat, manage and even prevent knee injuries from further damage and pain.

Of course, in the case of a serious knee injury, like severe damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), surgery may be necessary. But minor injuries can be handled with physical therapy and knee braces to stabilize the knee and the tissue around it. Your knees get damaged when you force them to move in an unnatural way.

For example, if you twist or bend the knee too sharply in a medial or lateral direction, that can tear the ligaments that hold it together. Once your tear or strain is treated, it's mandatory that you keep your knee from repeating the movement or action that caused the damage in the first place. And this is done with the help of knee braces. To reap the benefits of knee braces, get your own Mava Knee Brace Upgraded. Just CLICK HERE now and use code KBRECOV7 to get a 20% OFF discount on your Mava Knee Brace Upgraded



Bracing Benefits


Knee braces keep the knee from moving too far from side to side, from overextending, and from interfering with a healing injury. A good knee brace will also compress the tissue around the knee to increase blood flow and provide support to the healing tendons and cartilage while bracing your joints to firmly hold the knee joint in place during activity. While most people wear knee braces after a painful injury, some athletes like weightlifters and runners wear them to prevent a future injury.




Healing Ligaments – While ACL tears often require surgery, physical therapists prescribe knee braces to help support and stabilize the knee. This allows the ligaments to heal thanks to the support provided to the medial collateral ligament, or anterior collateral ligament, depending on the injury.


Knee Pain Relief – When the cartilage or weakness under your kneecap causes you pain, a brace with a cutout for your kneecap is the best choice to help keep your bones in place and ease the pain. It will enable you to feel comfortable enough to do strengthening exercises for your quads and hams. Knee braces are great for relieving pain from knee discomfort, arthritis, ACL tear, osteoporosis, and tendonitis.


Confidence Boost – Knee pain can intimidate you and stop you from performing your healthy fitness routine. Braces with sleeves help provide warmth and compression to relieve swelling, keep the knee in place and give you a feeling of support, and a locked in feeling to ensure that you can perform your exercises without hurting your knee.


Stay Active – If you suffer from arthritis or even other structural knee problems, wearing a knee brace can help you stay active, continue your training routine and get successful results to meet your goals.


Warm-Up – If you do have certain problems with your knees, like past injuries you're now recovering from, osteoarthritis, etc., you should warm-up before transitioning to low-impact exercises, and you need to wear a knee brace in order to prevent future knee injuries. For example, an exercise like stepping up and down a set of steps to warm-up your legs and get your heart pumping can be a lot easier and safer if you wear a knee brace.


Walking – Perhaps the most recommended exercise for knee pain is walking, because it's simple and everyone should be able to do it. If you've had knee injuries or experience great pain or discomfort, make sure you ask your physician to prescribe an adequate knee brace to keep you active and make your walking easier


Improved Posture – Knee pain can cause you to move in a way that feels comfortable for your knee, which can be quite awful for your posture. Moving with improper posture can hurt your back. A knee brace can help relieve knee pain, and enable you to maintain a neutral spine, your head centered over your shoulders, and your shoulders aligned with your hips for a proper posture.



Mava Knee Brace - Upgraded Version


Our Mava Knee Brace Upgraded was designed for you to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention. If you're dealing with regular knee pain, recovering from an injury, or you really want to prevent a future injury, this knee brace reduces stiffness, soreness, increases knee flexibility, relieves pain caused by knee discomfort, arthritis, ACL tear, osteoporosis, and tendonitis.




Because it's made of strong materials, it efficiently provides the compression you need in order to retain the warmth you need to increase circulation to your knee, which is necessary to help heal and support the muscles and ligaments in your knee.

The rehabilitating extra support and stability that our knee brace provides you with are due to the open patella that helps you achieve flexibility and full movement of your knee joint while keeping it in place with a firm bond of fully adjustable Velcro straps that prevent the brace from slipping off. The strong, durable and flexible neoprene material provides even more stability and support without limiting or restricting your movement, whether you're simply walking, running, or lifting heavy.


In short, what makes our Mava Knee Brace Upgraded special?

  • Open patella design that relieves pressure and helps reduce knee joint fatigue
  • Innovative 4-way supportive system for lateral and medial support
  • Effectively relieves post-surgery knee pain, strains, and arthritis symptoms
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate different needs, designed to be comfortable for daily wear




If you've suffered from a knee injury, it's extremely beneficial to your healing process to wear a good knee brace after your physical therapy. And the best part about a good knee brace is that it's not too bulky, so you can wear it under your pants, training clothing, or just on its own if you're in gym shorts. Knee braces stabilize your knees through all types of activities, not just during your training sessions or sports activities.

You can also use your knee brace to increase blood flow and get some extra knee support, which will reduce the risk of a future knee injury and relieve your joint pain. Knee problems are quite common, in both athletes and non-athletes. That's why physical therapy and knee braces are necessary for healing, pain relief, and a confidence boost. With long-term use, your pain, discomfort, and injury will be minimized. You will feel more confident to stay active, become healthier and with adequate care, you will eventually be able to heal and even prevent a future knee injury.

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