The gym community is torn between the supporters of gym gloves and their opponents. Some swear by their gloves and won’t be seen in the gym without them while others claim they get in the way of their workouts. Whether or not you wear gym gloves is a personal choice that should be made after considering the following advantages they have to offer:


1. Better grip

A good pair of gym gloves will allow you to improve your grip on weights. The more intense your training session, the sweatier your hands will get. Chalk will help to a certain extent but it won’t improve your grip and will wear off quickly. Basically, weight lifting gloves allow you to keep focusing on your workout, without the added stress of slipping or dropping the weights.


2. Added wrist support

A good pair of gloves will offer proper wrist support during demanding exercises. They serve to increase stability and also to prevent wrist injuries. Those who suffered from wrist injuries before will find the added wrist support beneficial for their rehabilitation allowing them to keep training.  It’s also very easy to adjust the tightness of the wraps until you feel comfortable.


3. Relieve pressure

A good pair of gym gloves will absorb most of the pressure on your hands seeing how sore hands can have a negative impact on your performance. Remember, your hands should not be the ones strained, but rather your muscles. Your wrists will also thank you as the decreased pressure will also cut back on wrist pain.


4. No calluses or blisters

Barbells, dumbbells and pretty much all other weightlifting equipment can cause calluses and blisters. They’re not just unattractive, they are also painful and will get in the way of your training session. Basically, gym gloves offer a layer of protection for your palms allowing you to keep working out. Fingerless gloves also allow your hands to breath and reduce hand sweating.


5. Lift more

A good pair of gym gloves will help you focus on exercising the right muscles instead of worrying about your hands. By properly distributing the weight you lift, your fingers, hands and wrists won’t tire out and you’ll be able to work out longer, do more reps and lift more than you would without them.


In the long run, gym gloves will help you improve your training sessions allowing you to perform at full capacity without worrying about slipping or about other weight-related gym injuries. A proper pair of gym gloves should be lightweight, breathable and comfortable. They shouldn’t be too thick so as to not interfere with your workout. 

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