What is the purpose of compression clothing?

How can you make your intense training session a truly rewarding experience?

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts nowadays rely on compression clothing to protect them from overuse injuries, prevent pain, and increase their performance output. But the question on everyone’s mind still is “can super-tight clothing make me a better athlete?”.

Here, at Mava Sports, we believe in the power of compression for a safe training session that yields significant results. That is why we’ve designed and engineered a Collection of Compression Garments that will protect you, emphasize your muscles and keep them pumped, your blood flowing, and enable you to work out in absolute comfort.

Nowadays, it's impossible to watch a sports event or look at the people in your gym and not spot someone equipped with compression gear from head to toe. Whether they're wearing a compression T-shirt or a pair of compression leggings, they are doing it because they know full well the benefits of this superior snug clothing and how it improves their athletic performance.

If you too want to enjoy a faster recovery, increased energy, and many other benefits, then you should really consider wearing compression equipment during your training.


Muscle Building with Compression Gear 

Compression clothing is generally super tight and, often times, quite stylish. However, compression wear was designed with a clinical purpose in mind, but it soon transferred from the medical field into the sports field. In the present day, compression clothing is worn by both athletes and patients who suffer from various afflictions that require them to wear various degrees of compression around a limb, joint, or muscle group.

The form-fitting clothing designed with athletes in mind is meant to boost your athletic performance and facilitate a faster recovery so that you are truly making the most out of your workouts. Basically, it minimizes your efforts and maximizes your results.

Compression garments were initially created to help treat swelling disorders, such as lymphedema. It was soon used to treat other vascular disorders as well. This happened because doctors noticed that compression wear helps prevent the formation of blood clots even in infirm patients.

That being said, compression clothing can be beneficial even for inactive people. This positive pressure created by compression is much appreciated by runners and other athletes, especially since they found that well-engineered compression leggings can even enhance their sprinting and vertical jumping abilities. But the Mava compression shirts and leggings can do so much more, providing you with the following benefits:


  • Muscle oscillation reduction: prevents energy waste and helps you maintain proper body alignment.
  • Increased blood flow: by increasing your blood flow, your muscles are getting a constant supply of oxygen, which is necessary for your performance and recovery.
  • Muscle gains: your muscles grow faster due to the compression level that increases blood flow circulation and keeps your muscles pumped.
  • Emphasizes your muscles: your form and especially your upper body's V-shape become more visible due to the advanced structural sewing of the garments.
  • Comfort: our compression gear is made of non-itching materials with advanced anti-sweat technology. It is breathable, lightweight, and enables you to train and recover comfortably.
  • Second skin feel: the quality fabric and structural sewing will make the Mava compression feel like a second skin that keeps your muscles pumped for training and gives you an enhanced feeling of comfort during your recovery.
  • Accelerated recovery: facilitate a faster recovery by wearing your compression gear during and after your training as well, improving your performance in the long run.
  • Improved training performance: by removing lactic acid build-up faster while increasing venous return and muscle oxygenation, improving your endurance, strength, and power.
  • Protection against muscle trauma: compression wear helps you reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and regulate your body's temperature keeping it under control and making your muscles build and recover faster, without any fatigue, soreness, or swelling.

With the Mava compression gear, you are able to save energy and train for longer. You will reduce muscle trauma and prevent muscle strains during training while benefiting from greater movement efficiency. The lactic acid removal will speed up muscle tissue repair for a faster and pain-free recovery.

Furthermore, our compression clothing is perfect for any weather. During the cold they are perfect as a protective base layer that keeps you and your muscles warm and pumped, while in hot weather they will help you train without heating up, due to their temperature regulation properties and advanced anti-sweating tech material that provide you with the targeted compression your muscles need in order to build and recover faster.



We designed our compression collection to be used when training and recovering. So whether you are going through an intense strength training session, cardio session, marathon, or performing at a sports event, this compression equipment will help you save energy, perform for longer, and fatigue slower. It will also emphasize your form, in order to make your muscles more visible and keep them pumped.

You can continue wearing the compression clothing after you finish your training. It is even recommended to do so, in order to accelerate your recovery and facilitate your muscle’s ability to build up and repair. You will also have a rest day free from pain, muscle aches, soreness, and swelling if you continue to wear your gear after you finish your training session.

The Mava compression garments are so comfortable that you can even sleep in them to promote a faster recovery due to the second skin feel that allows for a comfortable sleep. Additionally, the top-quality design makes our garments durable – they are made to keep their form-fitting properties and last for years.

When it comes to compression wear, remember that it's not just about improved training and recovery. The moisture-wicking fabrics actually keep you warm and dry. Therefore, if you want to become stronger, recover faster, and look awesome while doing it, our Mava Compression Gear is perfect for you!

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