Halloween is that scary time of the year when your treats can trick you. Fear not, for I will give you a few treats ideas and some tricks to survive Halloween. If you've been working hard to be fit and athletic, now it's not the time to abort the mission and gorge on candy, so make smart candy choices, both for you and for your ‘trick-or-treater’ gym buddies.

If you're throwing a party, go for healthy homemade Halloween treats instead of store-bought junk sweets. But if you don't have the time or a passion for cooking, stick to portions, not potions. Move away from 'nutrition fiction' and stick to what you already know it's good and healthy for you. For example, instead of chocolate-covered raisins, go for a handful of dark chocolate-covered nuts.


Healthy Halloween Treats

1. Protein Bar

Instead of your standard Halloween candy bar, treat your guests to a protein bar that looks similar to a candy bar, but has a healthy dose of protein. Most protein bars have somewhere in between 15g to 40g of protein in them, which makes them perfect for a muscle-building boost. Additionally, they contain significantly fewer calories and fats in them than your regular candy bar.


2. Mixed Nuts Pack

Another high-protein treat, that your trick-or-treaters will enjoy. Just a handful of them is enough to provide you and your guests with energy-boosting nutrients while keeping your portions under control. However, since not all nut packs are not created equal, make sure you get the packs that are rich in almonds and pistachios.


3. Vitamin Pack

Your gym buddies will gladly take this into their trick-or-treat bags. Not at all recommended for the kids and other guests ringing your doorbell on Halloween night, but perfect for you and your athletic friends. Make sure you get a pack that contains everything from vitamin A to Zinc to ensure the delivery of vital nutrients to an athletic and fit body.


4. Protein Chips

Satisfy salt cravings with the healthier version of standard potato chips. Protein chips are lower in fat, and as the name implies, high in protein. They come in plenty of flavors, from BBQ to Salt & Vinegar, you name it! Just make sure you keep it all mixed up to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Give a bag or two to your guests to give them a protein boost and scare the junk candy away.


5. Dark Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Cups

The name is a mouth-full, but this kid-approved candy is actually super-healthy. Whether you buy it or make it yourself, it only has good stuff in it. If you decide to buy them, rest assured knowing that they have no GMOs, preservatives or hydrogenated oils, so you can satisfy everyone's sweet tooth (yours included) guilt-free.


6. Popcorn Pack

Popcorn is, in fact, quite healthy. However, many store-bought packs are packed with salt and artificial flavors, so stay away from those. Instead, hand out unsalted and unflavored perfectly-portioned popcorn bags to your guests and they will thank you for it. If you're throwing a party, you can make your own popcorn and sprinkle it with yeast for a cheesy flavor.


7. Granola Bar

You can find plenty of granola bar versions that both children and adults will enjoy, such as dark chocolate cherry cashew or peanut butter dark chocolate granola bars. Most are less 200 calories each and they definitely have fewer calories than standard candy bars. Plus, they contain a good dose of antioxidants and filling fiber, which makes it a delicious and healthy treat.


8. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

This salty-sweet combo in the form of chocolate covered pretzels truly is a treat that you and your guests will enjoy. You can buy 100-calorie packs that are perfectly-portioned for everyone to keep their calories in check. This treat is so delicious, that it’s easy to go overboard, so just make sure you stick to just one pack for the night.


9. Organic Gummy Worms

Yes, organic gummy worms and bears are real and they are delicious! While many brands use dyes and artificial ingredients in their gummy treats, you will certainly find gummy worms and bears at your local organic store that provide an all-natural alternative to your gummy favorites. Get perfectly-portioned 69-calorie packs that are rich in natural flavors and extracts for a sweet and fruity taste, with no artificial ingredients. Your guests will love it!


10. Pumpkin Oranges

It's not Halloween if you don't get crafty and you know it! So go out and buy plenty of organic oranges and then use a natural marker to start drawing. You can make pumpkin faces on the peel of the orange and get creative. You can hand these out or arrange them creatively in a bowl for your Halloween party.


These treats are perfect for your goodie-bags and your guests will love it. Most of them are kid friendly as well, so don't keep the chocolate-covered pretzels and organic gummy worms to yourself. You can hand them out guilt free and ensure that your neighborhood kids are getting delicious nutrients in their treat bags.

Share your pumpkin oranges, vitamin packs, and protein bars with your party guests and trusty gym buddies to give them that nutrient boost they need for their muscle-building goals. Follow these tips and you'll survive this holiday and keep your body fit and healthy. And don't forget to have a Happy Halloween!


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