Do you feel stuck in a routine that no longer works for you? Or are you interested in taking your workout to the next level and you don't know how? No matter how much we love one activity or workout, doing the same thing every day can get monotonous. We think that your training routine should keep you on your toes and continually challenge you. If you are looking for the best results you can get through workout, CROSS-TRAINING can give your program a lift!

Why cross-training?

The principle of cross-training is to combine different exercises to work various parts of your body and it aims to correct and eliminate the muscle imbalance. It can be any combination of activities, such as swimming, yoga, weight lifting, aerobic exercise, running, or cycling. The best way to cross-train is by alternating the activities you do each day, such as swimming one day and weight lifting the next.

 You can get advantages from cross-training even if you are simply training to keep in shape. Here are some of those advantages listed for you:
- By adding variety to your training program, it helps prevent boredom
- Working the same muscles over and over again can lead to muscle strain or other more severe injuries. Incorporating Cross-training helps ensure you aren't overworking only some muscles and leaving out others and it allows your muscles to rest and heal.
- It enhances your weight loss,
- It improves your overall exercising program and your motivation
- In case of an injury, it can help in the rehabilitation process and determine how well a person recovers. While rehabilitating a specific area, it is also important to maintain or improve the fitness of the entire body and that's where cross-training comes in handy.
 A good healthy cross training routine should include three main components to be effective: Strength Training, Flexibility and Cardio. For example:
- If your type of exercise is stretching or yoga, it would be best for you to mix it up with walking and strength training to improve core strength and muscle balance with proper stretching.
- If you focus more on strength training, try bringing cardio into your exercise routine for 20 to 60 minutes as many days as you can.
- If you are a devoted runner, include swimming or strength training for a different cardiovascular burn.
Participating in more than one activity can make exercise more interesting and pleasurable, which will help keep you on track and, most important, motivated.
Whether you choose to cross-train, build endurance, work on core, focus on strength, or gain flexibility, the options are endless. Stop for a moment and think about your current routine and try setting a new goal – what's going to challenge you next?

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