We recently had the pleasure to talk to Erik Saenz – a cross training enthusiast, who agreed to do an interview with us and talk about how he began to cross train and the importance this has in his life. Join us to find out more about Erik’s story.


[Q] Erik, please tell us how you started working out and weightlifting.

I’ve been working out since my time in college, between 1993 and 1998.  One of my best friends was into working out so he got me started on regiment.  After college though, my exercise habits fell off due to a demanding work schedule.  However, as my career progressed I was able to develop a more stable work-life balance, thus allowing me get back into shape.


[Q] How did you hear about the cross training method and what made you decide to try it?

I first became aware of CrossFit at age 37, through my brother in law and sister in law.  They were both in CrossFit at the time and I noticed that they were both in great shape.  The reason I joined a box was the need to get in shape for my wedding.  I was in need of a new workout routine that would challenge me on a regular basis.  I joined my box in May 2012 and haven’t looked back since.


[Q] What does cross training mean to you?

For me, it’s about competing with myself and staying in shape.  It’s also about camaraderie, as I’ve been able to develop some great friendships with my fellow classmates, as well as with my coach and owner of TriatCrossfit, Blakley Bonds.  Everyone at my box is supportive of one another and Blakley does a great job explaining WODs and teaching us proper form.


[Q] What is the toughest part of cross training for you? 

I think the toughest part about cross training is forcing oneself to do it on a daily/weekly basis.  I’m fortunate as a business owner that I have a flexible schedule, which allows me to strength train in the morning
and attend a CrossFit class in the evening.


[Q] What do you think is the biggest misconception about this type of training? 

The biggest misconception is that you have to be an athlete to go through a workout.  This is why I enjoy my box – Blakley designs the WODs so everyone can perform the movements.


[Q] What is your favorite thing about cross training vs. traditional training?

I like CrossFit because of the variety of WODs that can be performed on a daily basis. Traditional weightlifting is good to build strength and focus on muscle isolation, but it does get old after a while.


[Q] What are your favorite and least favorite WODs? 

My favorite is Cindy without a doubt. It has a lot of body weight type movements involved and a good transition of movements - starting with back, to chest, legs, and then repeats. My first Cindy only included 8 rounds, while this past May I ended with 17 rounds. 

My least favorite is Fran - I hate thrusters! You do a movement that requires your entire body- especially shoulders, and then move to pull-ups which requires a lot of shoulders and back muscles.


[Q] Do you follow any specific dietary outline? 

Yes, I follow the Paleo plan. I’m 41 so it becomes more difficult to lose weight. I used to follow my macros on daily basis but then went crazy keeping up with weighing food and tracking what I was eating, so I decided to subscribe to a meal plan – the Elite F’ing Paleo Meals, which is easier for me. It takes the guess out of macros and I’ve seen great results since incorporating their meals into my diet plan.


[Q] Do people in your life encourage your way of training or do they think it’s dangerous in any way? 

My wife doesn’t really like me working out so much but I’m 41 and she’s 30, so I do it to keep in shape with her.  She doesn’t believe CrossFit is dangerous. She just feels that due to my previous injury that it’s not the best program for me.  My classmates and coaches at TriatCrossfit are really supportive – we regularly share tips on movements, diet, and stretching techniques.


[Q] How did you hear about the Mava Sports Company?

It was through Facebook that I found out about your Company. I was looking for gloves that offered wrist support and thought that the Mava products met my expectations. My coaches helped me research and encouraged me to look into the type of products MAVA offers.


[Q] What do you think about our Mava gear? 

I like the MAVA gear! It’s been pivotal in helping me complete my WODs and limit the chance for injury, especially for the HERO WODs like Murph.  My hands are protected when using the barbell, while the knee wraps help with support during those high impact WODs like Fran and Helen.


[Q] Would you recommend our products to your friends? 

Yes, I would and do recommend your products. They’re very durable.


[Q] Do you have a thought or a quote that gets you going when you have a hard day and you don’t really feel like working out? 

Those weights aren’t going to lift themselves. I like my routine because it allows me to achieve my fitness goals of weight loss and increasing strength/endurance.


[Q] If you could give an advice to someone just starting to cross train, what would that be? 

Don’t worry about what others are doing; just focus on yourself and your own goals and you’ll see the difference.


[Q] In closing, do you have something to say to our readers?

When it comes to fitness, do what makes you happy, what makes you want to get up and workout. I hope that people who are looking at CrossFit as a way to get in shape will develop an appreciation for the sport.


[Q] Thank you so much Erick for taking your time and sharing your story with us. We wish you all the very best and keep training hard!

It’s been my pleasure. Thank you for making such great products.


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