My name is Rachel Brindley and I am 21 years old.

I grew up an athlete, because with three older brothers who were constantly in sports I didn't quite have the option not to go into sports myself. I was a gymnast, basketball player, cheerleader and swimmer. I grew to love water sports and began focusing on them in high school, specifically swimming and water polo.

When I was 15 I began to have problems with one of my knees. I pushed through the water polo season with chronic knee pain and had my first knee surgery at age 15. Exactly one year later I had my second knee surgery from the same meniscus repair surgery on the same knee due to another injury previously that summer.

I went on to play college water polo in Monterey but ended up quitting due to the chronic knee pain I was suffering. I gave up on sports and working out altogether, because I was scared that I could cause a third knee surgery. Going on simple hikes would make me go on crutches for a week due to swelling, while going out dancing with my boyfriend would end with him holding me up as I tried to walk.

I began working with the childcare at a CrossFit box in Monterey and I would stick around afterward to watch the workouts. Then, one year after my decision to stop playing sports, I decided to ask the box owner if I could try cross training and from that moment I never stopped. My knee strength grew incredibly since then and now I can do anything I want without worrying about how I will walk around.

This year I competed in the CrossFit Open 2016 and found out just how far I have come since I began doing CrossFit. I felt great after each workout and I was happy to break in my Mava hand grips during the WODs. I got through all the workouts of the Games watching people's hands tear while my grip was perfectly fine.

Since competing in the CrossFit Games, I changed my focus entirely on weightlifting as I train for the National Under 25 Championships as a 63kg lifter. 


Rachel Brindley,

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 


"Life isn’t fair.
But no matter what life throws your way, no matter how unfair it may seem,
refuse to play the victim. Refuse to be ruled by fear, pessimism and negativity. Refuse to quit.
Be a warrior and work through whatever life throws your way, with courage,
love and positivity. And continually push forward.
Because you are the survivor of the unfairness of life, you are stronger than you think
and you are capable of achieving more than you think."

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