Counting calories can be a headache when you have a busy life, and you are more than just an athlete. If you work hard, train insane, and try to keep up with your daily activities, counting calories should be the last thing on your mind. You can have a clean diet and proper nutrition by simply following a few basic principles.


First of all, you must have a complete understanding of how weight loss works. A calorie is the amount of energy required for your body to be able to heat up one kilogram of water. It is potential stored energy, in other words. Foods with more calories simply have more energy potential. And some foods have more calories per gram than others.


Your body requires a certain amount of energy (calories) to function well and stay alive. That amount of calories is known as your 'basal metabolic rate' (BMR). In order to stay alive, your body takes its energy from the food you eat and from your energy stores, like fat and muscle. But when your body has enough energy from your food intake, it doesn't tap into your energy stores.


The time period that your body runs solely on the food you eat last from 3 to 6 or more hours after your meal. If your meal had more calories than your body needs, it stores the excess calories as body fat. Only after it's done running on energy from foods, will your body tap into its stores. And it does this everyday: stores the excess and when it finishes storing and burning, it will tap into your stores.


So, if you want to maintain your weight, just eat within your BMR and you should be fine, if you want to bulk up - muscle, not fat, then click here for more tips on how to go from skinny from muscly. But if you want to lose body-fat, you have to get your body to burn more fat than it stores in a day, by regulating the amount of energy you give it. They key here is to regularly feed your body with less energy than it needs, thus creating the famous calorie deficit, which helps you lose weight and fat.



How to Lose without Counting


1. High-Protein Breakfast

The High-Protein Breakfast is famous because not only does it help suppress your cravings, but it's a great metabolic booster. Generally, if you eat enough protein in the morning, you'll end up having fewer calories at lunch. It's a great way to ensure you have a lot of energy for the entire day. So, have your protein breakfast first thing in the morning, and you’ll see improvements in no time!


2. Even More Protein

As mentioned above, protein helps suppress your cravings, but it also boost your fat-loss and helps you gain more muscle. Protein also requires your body to burn more energy in order metabolize it, as opposed to carbohydrates. Plus, it's way more filling than carbs and fats. Eating enough protein will ensure that you lose fat, but keep your muscle, even while reducing your calories. Additionally, you can have your protein from sources other than meats. Make sure you have a serving of protein with each meal you eat throughout the day and you’ll be losing without counting.


3. Eat More Low-Calorie Fiber

Foods that are high in fibers and low in calories are a great way to reduce your calories without having to count. These foods are high in water content, thus they are more filling and even hydrating. Have more raspberries, pears, apples, bananas, oranges, spinach, and broccoli, instead of snacking on processed foods. Have a couple of fruits and veggies servings every day. You'll have a feeling of satiety without having to count any calories.


4. Eat Less Carbs

By restricting your carbs intake, you'll restrict your calorie intake significantly. Carbohydrates are not very filling, and a lot of them are processed, so make sure that you eliminate sugars, sweets, pastas, breads, pastries and sodas from your diet. Get your carbs from your high in fiber fruits and veggies instead.


5. Zero Calorie Drinks

I mean WATER! Don't drink calories, like sodas, fancy coffee drinks and alcohol, instead make sure you properly hydrate with water. Drink water consistently throughout the day because it has more health benefits than just help you lose fat. Water hydrates, clears your skin, and helps you feel full, and increasing your water intake can speed up your metabolism. Plus, it's a great way to make sure that you don't confuse thirst for hunger, which is a trap that many people fall into. Make sure you have a couple of water glasses with each meal you have, for faster results.


6. Choose Organic

Natural, healthy food is your best bet for weight-loss. Make sure you get your food from organic and healthy sources, instead of going for the processed fast-foods. Buy from local farmers ingredients that you can use to cook your own food. Cooking your own food is a great fat-loss hack, because the cooking process actually stabilizes your 'mental hunger' and it's a great way to handle your meal and know exactly what's in it.


7. Control Your Portions

Use smaller plates to help your control your food portions and to help trick your brain into thinking that you're eating more. This nice visual trick works, especially because your brain will think that you ate a full plate, when in fact, you ate just enough to help you get rid of calorie counting. Just try it and see how well this trick works!


8. Sleep Well

Sleep is vital in order to function normally and basically stay alive. But if sleep can help your mind function better, and if it can help with your muscle gains, surely it can help with your weight-loss goals too. Getting enough sleep will suppress your cravings and helps stabilize hormone levels. So, sleep well and enough to naturally feel less hungry.


Even those who’ve been counting calories for a long time have developed the same habits, because they go hand in hand. Fewer calories basically means fewer bad foods, more good foods, smaller portions, plenty of water and a lot of sleep. If counting calories is easier for you, than go for it! But if you’re a busy person whose more consistent with developing habits, rather than counting, then this tricks will definitely work for you!


Whether you count your calories or develop this habits mindfully without counting anything, the result is the same: fat-loss. So, make sure that you pay attention to the foods you eat. Always go for the healthy version instead of the junk version, which is always more tempting because it’s easier to order or have it as a takeaway. As long as you put your ambition in the right place, you’ll be successful at reaching your goals in no time!


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