Switching to a lifting program could be risky but it could also give you a handful of benefits. Challenging yourself and taking things to the next level is a serious decision and you should be prepared for the trials that come with it. Arm yourself for serious workout with a lot of determination. Remember to stay focused, and most importantly, strike the balance between your body and mind.

Here are some things to consider that will help you overcome your doubts and hopefully keep you away from bad training decisions.

You need a trainer.

If you’re light lifting you don’t necessarily need a trainer but if you want to start weightlifting you should definitely talk to a trainer. They would explain to you all the risks entailed and they would guide you towards what’s best for you. Don’t start off on the wrong foot just because you think you already know how it all works; ask for suggestions. You won’t regret it.

Warm up!

Don’t forget to stretch and warm up your muscles before every single workout. It will get your blood flowing, boost your energy and prepare your body for burning fat. Do some light exercises and you’ll be ready to build muscle!

Everything will hurt!

Including your arms, thumbs and knees.  This is commonly known is the world of weightlifting. After some time and after a few intense workouts without protecting yourself, you’ll get calluses and blisters. Also, the fact that you lift a lot and do a lot of squats a lot might cause pain to your back and knees. But don’t worry, you’ll overcome all this pain and get more from every training session.

Intensity is the key!

Don’t keep an eye on the amount of time spend at the gym; watch the intensity of your workouts, and their efficiency! Also, make sure that you’re performing the proper exercises for you and your body. Don’t overwhelm yourself, you’ll get tired and you’re performance will be in danger.

You’ll progress!

Not only physically but also mentally.  Indeed, if your workouts are going amazing, you’ll notice some muscle gain. You should know from the start that you need hard work to keep the progress going and stay in shape.


A newbie should know form the very start that breathing is vital while lifting. It will relax your muscles

and will prevent injuries.

In the end, lifting is not that risky and it Is also a great way of living a healthy life while being strong. It needs determination, focus and a good eye kept of your training program. As for newbies, we recommend you be very careful, ask for the advice of a trainer and look forward to progress!


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