What should you eat before and after a workout?


 Nutrition is an important factor in living a healthy life. Those of us who want to stay in shape know all about the great results of clean eating. 

Because you want to get stronger and feel healthier, you need to watch what and when you eat. It’s important to be careful about the amount of calories you are ingesting and the calories you are going to burn. You just need to eat balanced and follow a diet plan that will help you get in shape.



What you eat before your workout is crucial for fueling the workout itself and maximizing your performance throughout, while the meals you eat after your workout are crucial for optimizing the recovery process (which basically begins as soon as your workout ends), and ensuring that your body has all of the supplies it needs in order to recover, adapt, build muscles and improve the way you want it to.


Before hitting the gym you need to be fully energized and willing to give it your all during your time at the gym. There are numerous foods that are healthy and good for you and that will give you better endurance during your workouts.


1. Fruit Smoothies

They’re a treat for our health, easy and fast to whip up. You could use different combination of fruits and vegetables with milk and get creative every single day. Also, the smoothie contains the perfect amount of proteins and carbohydrates to boost your energy and make you perform better at the gym.


2. Bananas

We all know that bananas provide us  withpotassium, helping the function of all cells and tissues in our body. They also are a great energy provider because of the amount of sugar they have. Bananas go great with peanut butter or with cereals.


3. Cereal and Milk

One of the most popular breakfasts has become an important point to our list of healthy foods we should eat before working out. Choose cereals made out of whole grains without a lot of added sugars and preferably mix them with low fat milk, soy milk, rice milk, dairy milk or coconut milk. Also make sure you add extra fruits and nuts for a more nutritive contribution.


Other foods we suggest you to eat before workouts are:

- apple and peanut butter

- multi-grain bread and peanut butter

- oatmeal and berries

- unsalted nuts and dried fruits

- steamed broccoli

- banana with whole grain cereal


 As for the post-workout meal, you need to consume protein and a few carbohydrates. Be very careful of what are eating after your workouts. You don’t need to rush and eat everything because you’re simply very hungry and exhausted. Here are some of the best options for a post-workout meal:


1. Grilled chicken and Vegetables is a great combo. After a proper workout your body needs to rest and recover. For that you need the perfect amount of protein and carbohydrates found in chicken.


2. Salad: the most healthy and simple recipe. You can combine the salad with chicken and other vegetables or fruits and prepare yourself a full healthy and tasty meal.


3. Omelet:  Eggs are a source of protein, which is indeed, that your body needs more after an intense workout. You could add extra ingredients to your omelet such as vegetables to make a veggie omelet, cheese or avocado. It will give your body a boost and help you thanks to their vitamins.


Others foods we recommend consuming after a workout are:

- fish - such as salmon - on crackers

- fruit with cheese

- hummus

- cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and fruits

- chicken/turkey/fish with quinoa and veggies

- egg whites


Nutrition is a very important aspect for every fit person, but it's your choice whether or not you want to eat healthy and feel better. Clean eating and a proper workout program will guarantee great results.

Take care of your body and you will start getting in shape in no time!

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